Everybody has a myriad of roles and layers. Some of mine over the years: son, bookworm, karate practitioner, mathematics student (for a very short while), economist, husband, Alsation owner, pilgrim, financial controller, photo editor, copywriter, dad, author, Auschwitz researcher, coach, translator, blogger, yoga teacher, nature guide.

For many years I have dedicated myself to clear and precise writing. My love of the written word and a good feel for numbers go hand in hand. My main area of work: financial, economic and business texts. Both writing and editing Dutch texts and translating from German and English into Dutch.

Please note: I know what I am writing about. After studying economics at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as a journalist, translator, economic researcher, controller and financial analyst at various companies and institutions at home and abroad.

I have been a freelance copywriter since 2004 and freelance translator since 2021. I work for banks and insurers, as well as smaller companies and other freelancers. In addition, since 2014 I teach yoga in my own yoga studio in Germany (Yogaschule Mara). This complements the rather sedentary writing profession.

For my writing courses I wrote a book on business writing ("Stijlwijzer schriftelijk rapporteren", 2007). I also co-wrote a book about the danger of unclear language with text editor and translator Cathelijne de Busser: "Vaagtaal" (Haystack, 2009 - see also my Dutch site on "vague language", vaagtaal.nl.